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   Control Features
  • personalized operator's panel,
    display screens

  • selective program capability 
    as designated by client's 
    technical staff

  • "Black box" log, accessible 
    via communications link

  • independent operation of 
    multiple units by one control

  • remote control monitoring
    and operation

  • automated operation per
    hourly, daily, weekly 

  • automatic resumption of 
    operation after power black out


developers and manufacturers of
high-end process controls 
for the OEM market.


Personality programs, recipes,
input/output characteristics,
operator interface are customized
to the OEM 
 personalized design.


Controls with multiple options
designed for quick and simple
customization to a 
client's exact needs.



     Control Applications
  • electronic thermostats for electric/gas ovens, refrigeration

  • single function controls and monitors for traffic control applications

  • specialized high power DC

  • UPS power systems

  • battery charging systems

  • water treatment, irrigation controls

  • escalator controls

  • recipe-based oven controls

  • gas turbine Gen set controls

  • locomotive controls, including 
    all aspects of traction, braking operation

  • remote control systems for 
    large machinery, locomotives.



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